logo for testimonialsI’ve had terrible lower back pain combined with sciatica for at least twelve years now that was attributed to falling off a ladder, a roof, and two jarring falls down a flight of stairs. I suffered a couple of broken bones during these events, and of course, arthritis has set in.

I went to physical therapy numerous amounts of times and have been given pain medication to get me through the days and nights.  I’ve also been suffering with indigestion for years and have been taken Zantac to settle my stomach.  In addition, I’ve also developed leg edema. I was at a loss for remedies.

I recently went for acupuncture treatments along with a daily herbal tonic. With the combination of the acupuncture and herbal medicine, the pain abated within one week and was finally able to sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.  I’ve had more energy and was a much friendlier person. The edema has subsided and I have not taken a pain pill in three weeks. The acupuncture has worked for me!

I want to thank Dr. Lisa (Yuehui Li) Zhou for helping me.  I’m feeling the best that I’ve felt in years.​