acupuncture for back pain

Back pain is a major contributor of most work-related accidents, missed days and disruptions in day-to-day living. It is the most common reason why people seek out all forms of treatment. You push a bit too hard and then you feel it. The pain, the stiffness, the worry and “oh no” feeling. At that point, you wonder will this take days, weeks to heal?  Or could this be worse? Why worry and suffer when there is a way to effectively treat back pain.  Acupuncture for back pain?


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and is still an effective treatment today, not just back pain, but for pain in general. Thin needles are inserted at various points in the body to manipulate the flow of energy—also called Qi. This helps to release stagnation in the body, release toxins and increase circulation.

What To Expect?

Side effects of acupuncture are generally low, if any, when performed by a licensed acupuncturist.  Some patients may feel a pinch when the needle is inserted, but the majority have no pain at all. Uncommon side effects may include some local discomfort or bruising, which goes away in just a few days. Infections are very rare, especially when performed by a licensed acupuncturist in a safe and clean environment.

While it is nice to find the “miracle treatment” in acupuncture, most people are not cured after one session. This in noway means a long-term commitment. Many factors contribute to the duration and success of your treatment, including the extent of your injury and how long you have had the injury. It is also possible that surgery could prolong the outcome of your recovery. However, acupuncture has still been an effective form of treatment for patients with prior back surgery.


Acupuncture is both a safe and effective way to treat back pain.  Acupuncture also works well with current western medical treatments and does not interact with your medication.  Finally, it is a great holistic approach to pain management after surgery.

If you are still unsure, we are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns.  What do you have to lose? Except for your pain.

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